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I Ain't Feeling It, Today

I wasn't going to post tonight. These past two weeks have been trying on so many levels. I've been sleeping in, my eating has been off, and overall I feel disconnected from God. Not that he is far from me, but the heaviness that has been following me around like my own personal rain cloud, has been trying it's best to take me back to a place that I've been fighting to get out of.  I've wanted to give up in many areas of my life, just in the last few days. I keep telling myself that I was comfortable being comfortable---all this trying to be an entrepreneur and breaking generational curses for the birds. Can I just be...

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He knows Your Name

God knew before I was even formed in my mother's womb, that I would need to be reminded that I am his "much loved" daughter. I am finally able to grasp it and things in my life our changing because of it.

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Good Trouble

Am I willing to get into "good trouble?" That is the question I have been pondering over the last couple of days. The easy answer would be, "yes" but I will say a strong maybe. 

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