My First EVER Photoshoot

Other than family photos taken at JCPenney or school pictures, I've never had a professional photoshoot. 

However, entering into the entrepreneurial and content creator space, I have come to the conclusion that a grainy Android picture can't always be my go-to, so, I enlisted the services of Marcia Craggett, who is a professional (but not professional-her words, not mines), photographer. It was a pain-free process, all-in-all. There was no yelling involved, no tears, she showed a great deal of patience, even when my eyes didn't want to smize for the camera; and the results met and somewhat exceeded my expectations.

You may be thinking "Sherri, what is the big deal?"

Well, I previously posted on the blog about my aversion to taking pictures because of all of my insecurities--I thought my jaw looked too big, my head too round, my legs too thick, and the list could go on.  Although I have managed to master a good selfie, the moment someone wants to take a picture of me I'm mortified. So, this photoshoot was a big deal to my spiritual and personal development. It pushed me from a place where I have long been comfortable, to a place where I am taking risks even if I am unsure of the outcome. This photoshoot was me telling the enemy, "I know the lies you tried to make me believe about myself. But I rebuke every one of them in Jesus' name!" 

This photoshoot was my faith at work. James 1:26 says:

For as the body without the spirit is dead, so faith without works is dead also

If I continue to say "I believe what the Lord says about me" but I'm still allowing my insecurities to hold me hostage, my faith is not at work. By faith, in what God says about me, I scheduled the photoshoot; By faith, in how God created me to be, I actually showed up!; And by faith, in the fact that I am his workmanship, I'm sharing my photos with you today.

Sis, maybe your insecurities don't keep you from posing in front of a camera. But do they stop you from speaking up in the Boardroom? taking that college class? leading a song on Sunday mornings? fill in the blank. If our faith is in Christ, we must put our faith into action and trust what he says about us, in ALL areas of our lives. You are an image-bearer of the Most High, don't doubt it, don't downplay it! Lift your head with BOLDNESS and walk it, like you talk it. I'm trying to.




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