Thou Shall Not.....

When Bow Wow hit the airways in the early 2000s, he sent every pre-teen and teenage girl into a frenzy. His Word Up magazine features and 106 & Park performances did not go unnoticed by anyone who had their ears to the radio, especially my little sister.

Barely old enough to know what puppy love was (no pun intended) she swore up and down that her little 7 or 8-year-old self was Mz. Shad Moss. She has the airbrush shirt and CDs to prove that he was hers and she was his.

Now, Bow Wow wasn't just a teenage rapper but he dabbled in acting too. Not one was a blockbuster but they were cute and all in good taste for the demographic he appealed to the most. One movie, in particular, was Like Mike. A movie about an orphaned kid who found a pair of Michael Jordan's sneakers which transformed Wow's (can I call him Wow or is that weird? I digress) character into an under 5 feet superstar basketball player. He idolized Michael Jordan. However, by the end of the movie he came to realize that in his own ability, with the encouragement of those around him, he could be a champion.

Tonight as I scrolled through Facebook and IG and caught up with a few friends via text my thoughts kept adverting to the same four words "I wanna be like" or when I wanted to spice it up --"I gotta be like"

And who I just have to be like varies depending on the day---

I wanna sell shirts like this one lady

I wanna be able to captivate people with my words like homegirl

I want to have the entrepreneurial nerve like sister friend

Truth be told I want to be like anyone who I feel is thriving in a place that I desire to be--- thriving in what they profess to be their God-given purpose.

But y'all know God won't let me be great in my coveting, jealous self. He always has to convict me just when I figured out the right balance between a pity-party and wanting to make somebody else's journey my own.

As I typed the words. "I gotta be like y'all" to one of my friends I felt his grace-laced conviction.

Deuteronomy 5:21 reads:

‘You shall not covet [that is, desire and seek to acquire] your neighbor’s wife, nor desire your neighbor’s house, his field, his male servant or his female servant, his ox or his donkey or anything that belongs to your neighbor.’

Do not covet
Do not covet
Do not covet

Let me say it a fourth time for the people in the back (me, I'm the people in the back)

Do not covet.

What does that mean exactly? Because I'm not out here trying to purposely heist purposes or whatnot. But, essentially my desire is to experience some of my neighbor's portion. A portion of their successes, a portion of their purpose-- which I consider on some level to be better than what I have going on over here. And this is not a conscious thought process. It appears in the subtle ache of my heart-- you know the feeling, you feel sorta-kinda happy, but not really, for what those of around you have been able to accomplish, experience, or live through.

I am literally pointing out things that I want for my own self because I am not satisfied with what God has placed inside of me. Like Bow Wow, I'm trying to wear shoes two sizes too big, shoes which were never meant to me.

Every time I restart my blogging endeavor God tells me the same thing. Stop trying to be like everyone else and focus on what I have for you to do. My blog may never "blow up" in the world's eye. My T-shirts may never be sold to anyone outside my immediate circle but if I'm in the will of God....he will still get the glory. Isn't this what its ultimately about?

So, sis, as we scroll through social media or sit with our friends, let's remember, we are right where God wants us to be. Things will work together in his timing and you can guarantee that it will be right on time. What God has for YOU is for YOU! 

Say it with me--

What God has for me, is for me!


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