I Jumped!

Sky-diving is not on my bucket list. I already have an aversion to my feet not touching solid ground, so the thought of free-falling from an airplane without a clue of how, when, or if I will land, is a non-starter for me.

Although I would never-ever skydive or bungee jump or do anything that involves height (I can barely get on a swing at the playground), when I started Please Excuse Me, God's Adjusting My Crown in 2016, It was a free-fall into the unknown. 

I jumped into the world of blogging, albeit reluctantly, not knowing if anyone would care to read about my faith journey. I was afraid that people wouldn't "get me" or find value in my story.

But you know the one thing I forgot about skydiving? You rarely go down by yourself if it is your inaugural jump. You will be hooked and tied to someone more experienced who will help guide you to safety below. 

Joshua 1:9 MSG says: "haven't I commanded you? Strength! Courage! Don't be timid; don't get discouraged. God, your God, is with you every step you take"

My youngest sister skydiving.
(Photo Credit: My youngest sister skydiving somewhere in Cali)

Sis, what I have to keep reminding myself when I am hesitant to post or when I become discouraged that my blog isn't picking up momentum, is that the Lord was with me the moment I decided to jump because he is the one who gave me the vision. Just as the inexperienced diver would have a guide, the Lord guides me, his daughter, as I navigate my gifts. The only difference is that God never leaves me, at any point, to wander by myself. As I learn to seek his will above my own, he not only makes sure I have a safe landing, but he will follow me to the ends of the earth.

Is there something you feel like God placed on your heart to do but you have been afraid to get started? Here are 3 things you can do prepare yourself to jump:

1. Pray: this is essential for the life of a believer, even beyond our business or ministry endeavors. But as we make plans about how we want to use our talents and our time, it is important that we take those plans before the Father.

  • Thank him for the ideas that he has given you
  • Ask him for confirmation that your plan is aligned with his will 
  • Pray against any fear or anxiousness that you feel. Speak God's truth instead.
  • Give him time respond. Don't jump before you have the peace to move

2. Plan: you wouldn't skydive without inspecting your parachute, so don't fully jump until you have a plan. Google and YouTube are my best friends but I have also joined some masterclasses to learn more about what I want to do. Then, I plan out how I will execute. Caution: do not allow your planning to keep you from jumping. We can't have the perfect blog, business, book,  or ministry on paper but never actually do it. Give yourself a timeline and stick to it (I need to follow my  own advice)

3. Pursue: Once you have prayed, once you have planned, then, you can pursue. Strive to do it with excellence, be consistent and allow the Lord to direct your steps. The key here is to keep your eyes on what you are called to do. You may follow someone on social media who became an instant success story but don't get discouraged if it doesn't happen that way for you. Trust God. 

I'm going to be jumping a lot these next few months because I have been stagnant for far too long and I want to pour out everything God has placed in me. Are you ready to jump with me?



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    Thanks this was so encouraging!

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