Crown Tip Thursdays: Jesus Dates

Crown Tip Thursdays, what works for me as I dive deeper into my walk with Jesus!

Today's topic is: Jesus Dates

Draw near to God, and God will draw near to you
James 4:8

What is a Jesus Date?
A Jesus date, also known by others as, Quiet Time, is an intentional moment set aside to build your relationship with Christ.

Jesus is a relational God. He wants us to get to know him and he wants us to get to know ourselves through his lens. This "date" gives us the opportunity to grow in our knowledge of Christ and he uses these moments, although not exclusively, to refine our character and our hearts.

A rose by any other name is still a rose, so you can feel free to call your time with  Jesus whatever you like. For me, calling it a date makes me anticipate my time with the Lord. I have also become more consistent because I know he desires this time with me--I don't want to be the one who stood up Jesus.

What happens during the date?

Pray- this accounts for the majority of my time. I have never had a strong prayer life but I have been actively trying to grow in this area.

Read the Word-- sometimes it's a verse, sometimes it's an entire chapter; either way, I try to understand exactly what I am reading. I often use Google to look up commentary or articles from reputable bible teachers, specific to the portion of scripture I am reading that day. 

Nothing-- y'all sometimes I don't have anything to say. Sometimes, I just don't know how to say it--- so, I turn on my prayer worship playlist and I sing and ask God to speak to me.

How long should this date last?
The key to your Jesus date, in my opinion, is to not worry about how long but to focus on being intentional. Have you set aside, undistracted time versus just saying a quick prayer while you're sitting in traffic? I'm not saying God won't use those quick moments to pour into you, I've had some transformational moments in my Honda Civic. However, what would it look like if you woke up 10 to 30 minutes earlier, went in your bathroom, your kitchen, a spare bedroom, out on your deck; and just said "Lord, here I am. Undistracted. Let's talk"

Will this happen everyday? NO! I love my snooze button. I have a twonager (aka a two year old going on 13) who wakes up earlier than I plan. Give yourself some grace. Make a plan for 3 days out of the week or 5 days, just do it! And if you're not a morning person, spend 15 minutes during your lunch break or instead of Netflix and chilling every night, skip the binge and go on your date with Jesus.

This does not have to be perfect! PLEASE don't let the staged pictures on social media make you think that if you don't have a cup of coffee or the perfect amount of sunlight peeking through your window onto your bible, that your time with Jesus won't be effective. If you have to be laid prostrate on the floor or hide in your bathtub, you gotta do what you gotta do! I'm just urging you to try. I fully understand, now, that I can't become a woman after God's own heart, if I don't know God. So I give the Lord the space and opportunity to adjust my crown. Will you join me?


  • Spirtuali-TEA: Season 1, Episode 1: In this podcast, Dr. LaTanya Moore talks about spending quality time with God, her experience and provides practical application. This got me alllll the way together! It is where I got the idea of creating a specific prayer playlist
  • when I am reading the bible and I have a question, I tend to go to this site. There are thousands of questions that you can explore and the explanations are direct and easy to understand. Remember: this is a resource, not THE source.
  • First 5 App: This is my go-to devotional app! Their topics are grouped by the books of the bible, so I have read more of the Old Testament than I ever have before. The devotions also have supplemental guides that you can order for additional study. 



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